Big Data. Big Results.

Make smart business decisions that optimize revenue in real-time.

individual Customer
Event Data

Millions of times a day, customer specific events are sent to Toovio.  We'll record it all.

Offer meta, Demographic & Segmentation Data

Toovio primarily relies on real-time data but also leverages historical, traditional and 3rd party customer level data.

Relevant Messages
in Context

The message is sent instantly in response to the customer event to their personal device.  The message can be service and/or promotional.


Real-Time Decision Platform

State-of-the-art engine for marketers with millions of customer events.
Driving optimized response rates and revenues by using actual events and actions to improve offer selection.

1 Stream Data

Forget APIs. Streaming data is easier to integrate, provides richer data, and allows contextually relevant messages to be sent to individual customer's personal devices in real-time.

2 Adaptive subscriber profile

The data stream needs transformation and derivation before it is ready for machine learning.  Traditional techniques flourish atop cloud computing resources.  This is the art of the science. 

3 machine driven segmentation

Toovio creates and manages a predictive model for any message you put into the system.  These models will show you data and correlations you never knew existed.  These insights will spark your creativity and help you create new offers and promotions.


4 REsponse vs. revenue goals

Balance your organization's objectives in every single customer interaction.  Consider factors like response, revenue, and budget within each decision with ease.  Change and apply these settings instantly to say ahead of the competition.

5 The power of fast learning

The Marketers that use the Toovio solution typically surpass our own expectations of performance because they know their business better than we do. They just needed a real-time tool like Toovio to show it.  


Two points of Integration

The value of the Toovio's solution exponentially increases over time.  Fortunately for IT the integrations costs do not.  Two fixed integration points taken care of up front.  Simple and effective. 


Toovio’s platform intelligently executes the
following steps millions of times per day:

Big Payoff -  With Toovio, Marketers become exponentially smarter with each customer data event & interaction.

Big Payoff - With Toovio, Marketers become exponentially smarter with each customer data event & interaction.

ROI grows exponentially

The ROI grows exponentially over time as they sequentially master optimization of the following:

fast value & learning

If you're not doing real-time already this stage is like drinking from the firehose.  What offer types work, new revenue, customer behavior changes and system stability all takes place.

response & Revenue Optimization

You'll start create more offers that are more diverse partially because you are smart and partially Toovio is making you smarter.  You start to wield the power of balancing response and revenue goals in every decision.

Product Mix Optimization

You'll begin to see the opportunity of testing new products within the Toovio channel.  Learn things here in a low risk way which increases your speed to market and competitive advantage in the marketplace.