Our history

Much like peanut butter and chocolate, great on their own, but even better together, Toovio was founded by two very accomplished individuals that when teamed up created something magical.

Toovio is the creative offspring of a data scientist and a systems integrator sharing a passion for better marketing tools that can prove real results. After meeting and working together on a few projects for a consulting company, they quickly realized that they shared the same belief that the current marketing technology system is deeply flawed. They aspired to create a new technology that would be more valuable to marketers, easier to use, and almost instantaneously generate ROI.

The current marketing model requires installing massive and complicated technology capabilities without taking into consideration the value of the data produced.

Toovio’s “Results as a Service” platform was formed to streamline the way organizations use and pay for marketing technology to drive incremental sales on their 1st party data. It seamlessly harnesses the power and automation of artificial intelligence with the insights and domain expertise of human marketers to generate incremental revenue incredibly fast.

It’s all about fast learning and iteration... the faster and more accurate the machine intelligence teaches humans the more free and informed we are to create the next iteration of campaigns.

Our founders

The hearts and minds behind Toovio.


Josh Smith
Raised on the business side of database marketing, Josh became fascinated with the idea that the combination of analytics and technology could be offered as a service a decade ago. Since then trends like cloud, big data and AI have been advancing the possibilities of monetizing 1st party customer data. His experience tells him success is as much about people and relationships as it is technology and data. Besides his passion for the data, Josh loves spending time with family, motorcycles, archery and fishing.


Roshan Bhatnagar
Passionate about delivering real marketing value for customers, Roshan comes from an IT process and delivery background. He leads client engagement and delivery for Toovio with an unwavering optimism that’s almost too good to believe. He thrives when helping clients positively empower a cross-functional group of people to move as a cohesive group and achieve great outcomes. When he’s not helping motivate people he also loves snowboarding, playing guitar and fitness.