Plug-and-Play AI

Toovio is built to simply and seamlessly integrate with your existing tech stack infrastructure.


Channel Integration

Toovio can integrate into any outbound communication channel.

Toovio already integrates to many well-known services: i.e. SendGrid, Postmark, Kannel, Twilio (app push, Facebook message), Nexmo, and many other.

Additionally, Toovio has the ability to add any additional service, either client services or any external existing service that exposes an API.

Additional Service Integration

Toovio can integrate with services to get additional customer data at the time of decisioning to enhance the already rich MCR data.

This data can be used to understand customer balance, geo location, or any other in the moment data.

Toovio can also integrate with your Content Management System (CMS) to enhance channel integration look and feel for brand consistency


Events or triggers are the moments that initiate a decision. These can be real-time, near real-time events, derived, or batch delivered events.

Real-time events can be captured by Toovio through the event API or through a predefined stream (i..e. Kafka, KeKinesis).

Near Real-time events can be sent to the existing event API (stream) or scheduled using Toovio’s scheduled events service. The scheduled events service allows a captured event to be executed at a later predetermined time.

Derived events are events that can be identified or captured as a result of another action. I.e., based on a customer accepting or not accepting another event, we issue a follow-up or add them to another campaign.

Batch events are events that are captured externally and scheduled. These could be client driven external initiatives or predefined reoccurring campaigns.