Toovio offers AI driven iteration at the speed of customer behavior.


Don’t Drive Traffic, Drive Interactions
Your goal is not just to drive traffic, but to drive meaningful interactions and ultimately conversions.

Inside each of those hundreds or thousands of interactions are vital moments that matter. Those interactions are the triggers that will significantly determine customer conversion success or failure.


Real-time Offers Drive Conversion
Identifying the moments that matter is only half the battle, now is the time to take action with the right offer, for the right channel, to create the desired conversion for your organization.

AI engine provides in-the-moment trigger-based offers that capture a customer’s attention with a targeted offer that encourages their intended action, in real time.


Real Provable Value
Advanced statistical modeling can prove Incremental Sales against a control group, showing that it was the combination of the marker’s insights and the Toovio platform that created incremental value.

This is the holy grail of marketing, value, and ROI.


Deep AI insights: The “why” and the “why not”
It’s not enough to know why an offer worked at the moment, the ‘why not’ is just as important to avoid in the next offer and next campaign.