The Client

Sweetgreen is a venture funded, fast casual dining unicorn who have differentiated themselves by wanting to source smarter, to make better decisions and to help sweetgreen and its customers be a positive force in the world and on the food system.

They started in the eastern United States and is now serving more than 6 million customers annually.

The Challenges

Making repeat customers out of people who are experimenting with their food.

Faced with limited windows of opportunities for customer engagement and ever increasing customer expectations for satisfaction, the client needed to better understand what drives customer behavior in digital channels.

The Solution

Utilize Toovio AI to drive incremental sales by determining the best time and best personalized content to send to customers to increase their engagement.

Use numerous event triggers across multiple inbound and outbound campaigns with the goal of increasing customer orders within the client’s own channels (email, SMS, mobile push, app, and web).

Communicate real-time performance and incremental sales back to the team for near-real time campaign offer iterations.

The Results

After 5 months, Toovio generated hundreds of thousands of dollars of incremental sales and an average monthly ROI of 12%.