Drive Interactions
Every day customers are interacting with your brand online or through an app. Inside the mountains of interaction data with your customers are valuable 1st party data points that contain key moments in a customers decision-making process.


Drive Conversions
Once those key moments are identified by the marketers, the Toovio AI engine leverages the 1st party data to recognize those valuable moments, 24/7. It will then provide in-the moment trigger-based offers that capture a customer’s attention. The offer is targeted based on the specific actions they have taken.


Drive Real Provable Value
The Toovio platform will intelligently segment the offers based on what is performing with different audiences. Generating the right offer, for the right channel, at the right time, to create the desired conversion. Providing optimization at the speed of customer behavior.


Drive Incremental Sales
After the offer has been made and conversion does or does not occur, advanced statistical modeling can prove incremental sales against a control group (who did not get offer). Proving that the conversion was influenced by the combination of marketing and Toovio efforts.